Our focus



We communicate events unconventionally, from an innovative perspective.

We evolve with each conceived event, designing new experiences for the participants.

Strategic partnerships


We’re on a permanent talent hunt for professionals of the industry.

We motivate and keep the best trainers, vendors, team members and partners.

Problem solving


We ensure consistency in everything we envision and deliver.

We go for a problem-solving and ‘leading by example’ approach.



We add a personal touch to the events we tailor.

To us, every person matters.

Our playground of know-how


Event architecture & strategy

Starting from your objectives, we help you develop your idea into a concrete event

Recommendations for valuable external events

A thorough analysis on local, national and international events helps us make qualified recommendations on terms of content delivered, speaker ratings and overall user experience

Research for event ideas

We are on a constant search for the unseen, the unpredictable and the untried. Rigorous research ensures coming up with the best fitting ideas



We like planning and Excel & Trello are our best friends. Attention to every detail is definitely a strong suit and make the difference between a good event and a great one!


Tickets purchase and full business trip itineraries handling

Logistics & resources solutions

Along the way we’ve secured trustworthy vendors who share our way-of-doing things

Financial & administrative assistance

Budget proposal and monitoring

Management certifications

Our expertise and strong partnerships with specialized training agencies assure qualified exam certification acquisitions

Followup & statistics

We measure the effect of the event


Concept & theme development

Having an idea is the first step towards building a complex event concept

Branding & creative design

A catchy visual identity can have a huge impact on how people react to your message or how they perceive an event

Communication & promotion

It’s all about the message and the tools you use to share it with the audience

Marketing materials

Whether online on printed, basic promotion materials or BTL strategies, we can brainstorm unconventional ways to catch your target audience’s eyes

events - learning - community

where does your event fit it?


The Training Studio is where your educational events take place.  We choose together the location and the we help you transform it into a great venue for your event.


Conference Square is our staple, open event. You’re welcome to encourage your team to become speakers and share their knowledge with the whole wide world!


In the Meetup Factory people are brought together by their passion for technology. The Meet-up Factory can take place anywhere – you choose the topic, we set the atmosphere!

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Louisa Moldoveanu

Event Architect

Diana Pomian

Event Architect

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